With the intense technological progress, the IT & BPO industry has achieved tremendous success in their respective field & this has summated the economic value of the country. The onset of BPO companies within the country, it has been observed that large numbers of people especially female candidates are joining the BPO industry & have also been working in night shifts. First thing, that sets in the mindset about the safety features of working in night shifts (ranging from 8PM to 6AM) by the female employees. Thus, this leads to the primary responsibility of the firms for the provision of transportation for the female employees.

Recently, there was news that headed the newspapers elaborating about the incident of the physical assault that took place on a female BPO employee. This incident has clearly highlighted the safety measures of such firms & also called for a general opinion from across the country. Both the police as well as the public were of the opinion that the fateful incident could be avoided if the woman had accompanied her official transportation facility which would help her reach home safely.

In some firms, there are strict rules that mandatorily provide transportation facilities to the female employees who work after 8 pm. But revealing the truth, there is a violation of the rules due to which there is the outcast of such hazardous incidents. With this backdrop, the article helps to answer all your queries regarding the role of an employer in protecting the security of women employees, government guidelines, etc.

  • Indian Law on allowing women to work in night shifts:

Yes, the Government of India has accepted certain laws that allow the women to practice night shifts, but previously this was not approved. In 1919, the International Labor Organization (ILO) had completely opposed females working during the night & also Factories Act, 1948, did not provide the acts for women to work after 7 pm.

As time changed, in 1990, ILO announced a protocol which made provisions of allowing females to work during the night. The Factories Act, 1948, was also amended in the year 2007 & explained that women could work in late night shifts in firms (up to 10 pm).

  • Opinions for female candidates in non-factory establishments?

The emergence of IT & BPO sector laid an amendment that was introduced to an Act in 2002 & thereby allowing indemnity to any establishment of such firms of providing permission of women working in night shifts.

  • Is it necessary to seek permission from the Labor Department by any establishment for allowing women to work after 8 pm?

There is a clause that makes the IT to seek permission for allowing females to work after 8 pm & also they need to submit Form R. which provides information regarding the female candidates who are willing to work during night shifts, mode of transportation supplied, etc.

  • Safety measures to be undertaken by the company for women working in night shifts:
  1. Provision of transportation facilities from residence to their workplace & dropping back. This must be free of cost & must be accompanied with effective security measures.
  2. Bio-data of the driver is a must.
  3. Enrolment of the female candidates during night shifts must be on a rotation basis.
  4. Presence of efficient & adequate security guards during night shifts is a must.
  5. The firm must bear with all the crèche facilities of the females from voluntary organizations.
  6. Personal data of the women employees like phone number, address, etc. must not be disclosed to unauthorized persons.
  7. The company must possess a travel desk for the purpose of keeping check over vehicle movements.
  8. Designation supervisors of the company must keep a random check over the movement of vehicles on different routes.

Thus, with the above-mentioned criterions, one can achieve a clear perception of working in the nightshifts in the BPO centers & thus, following them is essential which helps for keeping away from the hazardous impacts of violation of rules & regulations.

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