Tips to crack BPO Interview – BPO abbreviated form of Business Process Outsourcing is regarded as one of the most flourishing sectors in India. Those people who are eager to start their professional, but do not possess any specialized knowledge, they should try their luck in the BPO industry. BPO industry recruits a lot of fresh as well as experienced personnel every year. For experienced people, cracking a BPO job interview is not a hard nut. However, freshers or inexperienced people often face a lot of roadblocks while clearing a job interview in the first attempt. So, if you are trying your luck in the BPO industry and have not ended up by obtaining an offer letter so far, this guide will definitely an eye-opener for you.

1.Understanding Job Requirement

In a BPO industry, a lot of job profile exists, thus it becomes altogether important to understand job profile and requirements clearly. Always ask job description from recruiter prior appearing for an interview. This gives you clear insight into what are the job responsibilities and what traits a company is looking for the candidate, which further helps in determining your approach while appearing for a face-to-face interview.

2. First Impression is the Last Impression 

The old adage “ the first impression is the last impression” still rules the job industry. So, if you are coming for an interview and you are not on time or not properly dressed, fail to bring a hard copy of your resume, not aware about the position and profile they have applied for, etc., these basics factors provide a crystal clear idea to the recruiter about your seriousness towards the job.

3.Remain confident

No matter you have experienced or not, post-graduate or not, confident approach is what matters the most. While giving an interview, do not fumble or sweat. Never try to act smart by showcasing your skills which you do not possess. Maintain a decent and formal level of communication with a recruiter. Last but not the least, believe in your instincts and capabilities.

4. Give Genuine Reasons to Recruiter to Hire      You

“Why we hire you for this particular job” is one interview which is asked by every organization from every job-seeker irrespective of job profile. In such a scenario, try to relate your skills with the job profile. For instance, if the job demands proficient knowledge of computer or excel and you have done a computer course, instantly highlight the same. Always remember, till the time you will not give them a reason to hire you or why you are perfect for the job, they will never trust your skills.

5.Salary Negotiation

Just imagine a situation, you said in an interview that you are looking for an opportunity to start your career and work-conducive environment matters the most and when salary topic initiated by a recruiter, you have put forward unrealistic salary demand. Is n’t it contradictory? Definitely, it is. So, never commit a sin of asking unrealistic salary or leave an impression that salary is what matters for you the most.

6. Do not argue with Interviewer 

Many youngsters make a mistake of getting into an argument with an interviewer on a certain topic. Never do that. Do not forget the basic fact that the person who is interviewing you is more experienced and knowledgeable. So, try to keep your point in an amicable way instead of arguing with him/her.

Above mentioned are some of the basic tips which play a key role in making or breaking a job interview for a job seeker. We would love to hear your opinion or experience on the same. Stay tuned with us for reading more informative blogs about BPO industry.

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