Till date, there have been a large number of BPO firms that have been administrating within the country & they have been facilitating a number of structural operations to other companies which have resulted to increase in the progressive rate of the economy of India. BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) is defined as a procedure wherein the primary manufacturing industry leads to the contraction of some of the functions to the third-party service provider. This is a form of back-office outsourcing which involves finance & accounting, human resources etc.┬áList Of Top 10 BPO’s In India

The BPO companies function in overseas countries & also within the country & this mainly depends upon the convenience of resources. The essence of this industry is it helps for supporting the high number of business ties & also leads for improvisation of work flexibility. Most importantly, it is cost-effective in nature during work distribution among an array of companies. The speed of functioning also enhances & this proves to be a greater benefit for the potential running of the economy.

Let us have a look at the List Of Top 10 BPO’s In India as per 2017 survey:

1.Genpact India

List Of Top 10 BPO's In India

Making its inception in the year 1997, this company was basically a BPO & was indeed versatile in its functioning. Initially, it commenced with few numbers of clients & later, making a mark up to 500 & thus, achieving the high level of fame, in a very short period of time. Today, this company is considered as one of the leading IT consulting firms & makes proviso of employment for more than 70000 people.


List Of Top 10 BPO's In India

During the origin, TCS was a multi-national software company. Within some decades, this industry commenced its BPO services & has achieved huge success. It ranks 3rd among other successful BPO services within the country providing employment to approximately 45000 people. Moreover, this company also facilitates other essential services like finance, healthcare, clinical programming, data management, etc. This company considers a major place in the private sector & ranks 2nd on the list.

3.WNS Global Solutions

List Of Top 10 BPO's In India

With the headquarters in Mumbai region, this company acquires 3rd position among the BPO companies within the country. The company makes provision of the facilities like transport, healthcare, accounting, management, finance, etc. The employment opportunities provided by this company range up to 42000 people.

4.Aegis Global

List Of Top 10 BPO's In India

Initiated by Essar, this company has been supporting international business process outsourcing. This company also has its headquarters in Mumbai region & offers some basic functions like finance, accounting, retail business, healthcare, etc. The network of this company has been stretched among 5 countries & thus, has been one of the leading BPO companies within the country. It employs approximately 40000 workers supplying suitable services.

5.Wipro BPO

List Of Top 10 BPO's In India

Since the foundation of this company, it has been a leading one of its field. It makes provision of standard service to other top companies on a global basis. It functions round the clock among 11 countries in the world & also suitable functions to target the combined business of modern technology along with business process facilities. The services provided by this industry include educational institutions, finance, accounting, etc.

6.Firstsource Solutions

One of the prominent companies surviving in BPO field, the headquarters of this company is located in Mumbai region. It makes provision of services like telecom, media, banking & finance industries, customer services, etc. The company provides employment to 25000 workers.

7.Infosys BPO

The BPO of this company was started in the year 2002 focusing on the operations of end-to-end sourcing. The headquarters are located in Bengaluru & it offers services to a number of other companies located overseas. This company has been highly rated by NASSCOM employing about 35000 workers & thus ranks 7th in this field.

8.Aditya Birla Minacs WorldWide

Aditya Birla group purchased Minacs which was initially a Canadian company & then gradually transformed the firm into one of the leading BPO firms in the country. It supplies services like banking, finance, government, etc. The company employs about 21000 people on global basis & they make provision of valuable services.

9.EXL Solutions

This is one of the companies which have been essentially critical & efficiently managed within the country. Having the headquarters in New York, the foundation of this company possesses its origin within the roots of the country. In the year 2002, the company was undertaken by a group which completely converted this firm into a BPO. The functioning of this company is basically with the insurance companies. It provides employment to about 25000 people.

10.Hinduja Global

Having the headquarters in Bengaluru, there has been the establishment of a number of agencies overseas. This company has been able to build certain minor BPO companies & possesses the vast network of BPO companies. There are about 40000 people working in this company & has achieved one of the leading position among other BPO companies in the year 2017.

Thus, this List Of Top 10 BPO’s In India with the above mention companies, you are able to get the perception of the success rate, India has achieved with the versatile functioning of the BPO sector.T he industrial development has been moving hand-in-hand with the technological progress & this has been vividly witnessed by the developing countries like India. Within a couple of decades, there has been an increasing number of BPO companies making potential roots on the country land. They have proved to be beneficial & have been catering a large number of facilities summating the value of prominence in other sectors. The efficient working of the BPO industries has helped to summate the economic value of the country.

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