Interview Tips – Regardless of the fact you are a fresher or working at a middle-level management, adequate preparation for a BPO job interview is a must. In order to prepare well and get success in an interview, here is a list of do’s and don’ts that will help every candidate in getting an employment offer. Let’s go through them one by one.

1. To Do List for Interview tips

Research about the company – It is crucial to get a sneak-peak about the company in which you are appearing for an interview. Go through the company website; try to take a glimpse of About Us section, Services, Offices location, Vision, and Mission.

Read Job Description Carefully –You may lose a golden opportunity if you fail to describe in an interview what is expected from you despite having a qualification. Thus, read the job description thoroughly and try to get an insight into what would be your roles and responsibilities and how you will deliver the same. If possible, try to explain how you have handled responsibilities in your existing organization by quoting some relevant examples.

Remain well-versed with your resume – It has been noticed that candidates never go through their resume even once before appearing for an interview due to which they sometimes even fail to describe their goals and traits well. It is prudent to remain crystal clear about each point which you have mentioned in your resume.

Conduct Mock Interview Sessions- In order to avoid fumbling in a face-to-face interview, think of possible questions which an interviewer may ask. Then, try to practice answers to those questions by conducting mock interview session either with your friend or in front of a mirror. Rehearsing for replies helps in gaining confidence which would definitely reflect in your final performance.

Follow Professional Dress Code – What you wear at your workplaces reflects your professional attitude. Thus, irrespective of the fact you are appearing for a BPO interview, the formal dress code is recommended. Ironed clothes, polish shoes, properly combed hair, well-shaved, etc., are considered as pre-requisite for a job interview.

Last but not the least reach the destination before schedule time and try maintaining decent body language and eye-to-eye contact with the interviewer as it exhibits confidence level of candidates.

2. Don’t’s List

Try not to pretend or do not exaggerate about yourself and your skills – As per one of the researches by University College London (UCL) in the UK, it has been found that likelihood of getting a job letter increases for those candidates who try to present themselves accurately what they are during an interview.

Misrepresentation of fact or information in a resume is a strict No-No – Reason being, companies before hiring any candidate conducts two or three-step verification process and misrepresentation of facts straight away paves the way to rejected list. Always remember, honesty is the best policy is the golden rule still rules in the job market.

Never bad mouth about your previous company – Many candidates commit a mistake of saying bad words about their existing companies in order to get a job. However, the fact is companies never hire those candidates those who do not value their association with existing companies.

Avoid following pessimistic attitude – It is because negative approach towards work acts as a detrimental factor in achieving a career goal.

The first impression is everything – but it does not mean that candidates should answer all questions thrown at them. Answering all questions is not important, what matters is answering questions rightly and passionately.

Pay special attention to spellings of words mentioned in a resume – Spelling errors in a resume is counted as a blunder, which is hard to ignore.

It happens some people answers call or text a message during an interview due to stress or anxiety. Doing this would definitely act as a deal breaker as it reflects the uninterested attitude of candidates.

Do not jump to answers as soon as the question is thrown – It is important to be a good listener, therefore give ample time to the interviewer to complete his question, take a few minutes and gather your thoughts and then answer it.

Try to follow the list of do’s and don’ts and you will surely end up with securing a job offer letter.

Do not forget to share your experiences after an interview.

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