Disadvantages of working in BPO industry – Many companies outsource some of its non-core business activities like HR, accounting, payroll, etc., to the third-party service provider. In the business world, the third-party service provider is termed as BPO i.e. Business Process Outsourcing.  Across the globe, India is rated as one of the best destinations for outsourcing work due to low-cost and it has given economic boom for India. As per Nasscom estimates, Indian companies are offering outsourcing services in 35 languages to more than 66 countries by employing over 1.1 million workforces. No wonder, India rules the BPO industry by occupying the significant share of 36% in the global market.

Lucrative career opportunities, handsome packages with unlimited perks, flexible working shifts, etc., are some of the major advantages of working in BPO for both experienced and inexperienced professionals to work in the BPO industry. However, it is only one side of the coin. There are several disadvantages which employees have observed after spending significant years in the industry. Let’s unravel the same.

1.Odd Working Hours Detrimental to Family and Health

Indian BPO industry primarily supports overseas operations due to which shift timing varies greatly from normal Indian working timings of 9am-6pm. Employees in the BPO industry involved with overseas clients need to work in night shifts which not only disturbs personal life in the long run but affects health also. It has been observed that people working in the night shift are more prone towards sleep disorders, heart diseases, depression, obesity, eye-sight problems, etc.

2.Abusive clients 

American accent and Indian accent are poles apart due to which overseas clients easily make out that they are speaking with India clients and use unprofessional or abusive language. In such a scenario, employees are bound to listed bad words from them and as every call is recorded so employees can only make a sincere attempt to pacify the clients.  Such cases are reported in a huge number by employees working in the BPO industry.

3.Negative perception about BPO industry 

In India, despite generating the lot of employment opportunities every year BPO jobs are still not considered as respective jobs due to social stigma.  Employees after spending ample time in the industry face a lot of challenges in changing the job is the aftermath of the same.

4. Youngster Prefer Earning over Education 

A well-known fact is the BPO industry primarily employs undergrads or graduates and pay them a decent amount. In order to earn quick money and support their families, even youngsters do not pursue graduate or post-graduate degree. They do not realize that higher education is a must for attaining a reputed job at reputed organizations. So, cases of education drop outs increase considerably due to an employment opportunity at basic education by BPO’s.

5.Risk of leakage of confidential data

When an organization outsources business functions like HR, recruitment services, payroll, etc., to the third-party, an element of risk of exposing confidential data of the company always prevails.

6.Involvement of Hidden Cost

Though, outsourcing is considered as a low-cost affair, at times it proves an expensive proposition due to the involvement of hidden cost factor in a contract.

7.Lack of Customer Focus

Usually, an outsourced vendor caters to needs of multiple clients at a time and employs unskilled or semi-skilled resources. Owing to the fact, issues related to extending time deliverable and sub-standard quality output arises, thereby losing customer focus.

Due to certain low points of outsourcing, it is always advisable to follow vigilant attitude while outsourcing any task to the third-party. Compare the prices and services offered by different service providers and chose the firm which meets your expectations.

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