Are you looking for the job in BPO industry? Want to make your career in it? If that’s the case then the first thing you will do is search job options on the internet and you will find a lot of job postings and advertisement on different job portals and later you will end up calling on the numbers you see on them. Right?

You will find many placement consultants advertising on these leading job portals and sharing information related to the current job openings they have. The problem is there is both type of consultants: real and fake. Yes, you heard it right and these fake consultants make your way shitty and difficult. Getting a job in BPO industry is not that difficult if you find the right way to get there.

Here in this article, I will talk about how candidates are being asked for money for the placement and scammed? I will also tell you what are the things you should know before and after talking to a consultant.

Well, I have been helping candidates to get a job in book industry since last 7 years. Every time I speak to a fresher, the first question they ask me ” do you charge anything for the placement” and I have to reply them very politely ” no dear, we don’t charge anything for the placement, It’s free and no body will charge you”.

Initially, I thought that this is a very small issue and this does not happen in the industry. But I was curious to know more about it so I started researching about this and the facts were SHOCKING. The first thing which I did in my research is, I started asking questions from each of the candidates if they were asked to pay anything for the placement initially and to my shock, most of the theme said YES. I never knew about this happening in the industry. I remember I didn’t have to pay anything to get a job in the BPO industry, so I never paid my attention towards this situation.

I wanted to research more on this topic. I started looking for information on Google about it but to my surprise, there was news about the scam in the other industry like Government Job and IT jobs but nothing I found for the BPO Industry.

So, I did my research and I came up with the details which I am sharing below. I hope this will help and save money and time for the people.

How do they work?

They are very clever. In my research, I found that all the fake consultant use major advertising platform to reach out candidates. They advertise on digital platforms like job portals including Naukri, Shine, Times, Monster and few another non popular website. The sad part is that these major platforms are not banning them by misuse of the services. The second platform they try is newspapers advertisement. They keep them the job posting very simple and they offer the job in every field and for everyone. They don’t mind even if you are 10th pass, they still have the job for you.

Next, normally this is what happens. You see these details of the job openings and you think let’s call on the number. These fake consultants don’t talk much on the call, they don’t give you all the information about the options they have for you since they want you to visit their office and end up paying them money.

There are many other things they do to operate there business. One of them is that they keep on changing their phone numbers. I wonder why they do such a hard work man. They also operate on a large scale. I stay in Delhi and I researched that they have their small offices in almost every part of Delhi. They want no longer traveling for their targets, how good customer service.

5 things to do before calling a consultant

  1. Take a deep look at the advertisement – One of the best things to do is to look deeper at the job posting that you see on the internet. You should look at all the details including the company name they are hiring for, who all can apply, it is open for everyone.
  2. Do search consultant feedback – I suggest you should always search for the consultant website on the internet and also try to find their candidates feedback online. Most of the genuine consultants will have their presence online.
  3. Inquire a lot – While working as a consultant I use to give all the information related to the job options I had for them. It can be any tiny information like when is the date of joining after you get selected. I suggest you should ask as more information as you can. Ask them about the company name, profile, interview rounds, how much time it will take, what all documents need to carry, when is the date joining, what kind of questions will be asked and any other doubt in your mind. I guarantee the consultant will be more than happy to give you all the information if it genuine. Fake will avoid your questions. Never pay anything for placement – See guys you never have to pay anything for the placement. It’s not legal. Every genuine consultant is paid commission by the client for the placement they do.
  4. Try more than one consultant – This is one of the best methods to know the difference. Call more than one consultant and check the openings. You will easily be able to differentiate between genuine and fake consultant. Normally the genuine consultants will ask you many questions, they will take your interview over the phone to make sure you are eligible for the jobs. On the other hand, a fake consultant will not ask you anything and will send you the address of the office in most of the cases. I recommend you to do your research thoroughly.

Final words

Nothing in this world comes as easy as you think. This can also be true for getting a job as well. Never get into the trap of fake Recruiters who promise you to get 100% job guarantee. Always try to do your research by following the tips given above.

I hope this information will help candidates and make their job hunting process easy and safe.

Never fall for fake recruiters to get into a job very easily. Scammers will always try to make money in all ways possible from people who are ready to lose to get things easily in life. Never try to learn this kind of lessons from fake recruiting scams. Before getting into any kind of job offers, cross verifies all the points given above and then proceed. On that note, Good Luck.

We hope that this information will help many candidates and save their money and time. Kindly share this article with people with your friends and family members. Do let us know if you also got trapped in such situation and please explain how did you handle the situation.

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  1. Hello sir, I have been suffered from that situation, I lost my 1000 RS recently it’s about 1 week ago scenerio. I came to Delhi last week and applied my resume on for a bpo job then they called me in there office at Rajendra place New Delhi. then I supposed that my life would be easy after that job but when I went inside the little room for interview then the girl asked me for registration fees, I understood that there is something wrong, I said to her that mam I was not informed about money, but I hardly paid them 1000rs then they gave me a receipt and after a week they called me for interview and were demanding 2000rs for it, then my thought was clear that It was a scam, so sir I’ve ended up with that scam and now wandering in Delhi, I came from about 295kms away in search of job my hometown is Shikohabad in Firozabad district, now sir I’m homeless and I was reading about job scams then I found this article, please sir help me in finding geniune job actually I’m going to be out of sources next month, please help me sir please


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