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14 Frequently-Asked BPO Interview Questions And Answers

Guys this is going to be an ultimate interview guide for the people who are going for the interview in BPO. Read the whole article carefully and understand the basics.

BPO Interview Questions And Answers

Are you preparing for BPO interview and perplex about how to crack it? Looking for such a guide which may help you in preparing some of the most sought after questions asked in BPO interview? If your answer is affirmative, this guide will definitely help you.

Assorted below are some of the most frequently asked questions in BPO interview both by experienced and freshers along with their answers.  The answers are created in such a manner that helps in cracking questions easily yet it is advised to customize them as per job requirements.

The below list of questions and answers is indicative list, not a comprehensive list.

1.Tell me something about yourself

This is the first question asked by every interviewer as a process to start a communication with candidates. In order to answer this, candidates have to introduce themselves by telling their name, qualification, educational background, a glimpse of professional experience, strengths, etc. a two-three minutes introduction is considered as an ideal answer for the question.

2What do you understand by BPO or what is a BPO?

BPO stands for Business Process Outsourcing. It means a business is outsourcing some of the business processes or functions to other companies, who are specialized in handling such tasks. The functions which are generally outsourced are customer support, back office processing, technical support, etc. There are two types of BPO- domestic and international. The one who caters to domestic client is domestic BPO and international BPO fulfills the needs of international clients.

3Why do you think company outsources some of its business functions?

Any company outsources some of its business functions to save the cost and in order to concentrate on the core business functions which help in increasing business profits.

4What is the difference between inbound and outbound calling?

In an inbound calling, callers have to attend the calls whereas in outbound calls, callers have to make calls to second party.

5What are your greatest strengths or describe yourself in 3 words?

It is a tricky question as interviewer wants to analyze whether a candidate is suitable for the job profile or not so answer it with utmost care. Candidates can say they are diligent, possess good communication skills, optimistic attitude, creative thinker, ambitious, etc.

6Why should we hire you or why do you think you are the most suitable candidate for the job?

Try to sync your qualities with the job requirements. For instance, if it is a calling profile with flexible shift timings, candidates should say they have good communication skills and have no issues in working in the night shifts. If the job involves delivering work within specified timelines, say you are diligent and have abilities to work under extreme pressure without losing my temper. If working with the team is a pre-requisite for the job, you can quote that I am good team player and know well how to work in co-ordination with the team or how to take work from the team.

7Are you comfortable in night shifts?

Regardless of job requirement, it is one such question which is asked in every BPO interview, so without any second thought always say YES. Giving an affirmative response also leaves a positive impression in the mind of interviewer.

8Are you willing to relocate?

This question is generally asked to get an idea whether a candidate is flexible to travel around as per job requirements. Saying yes will help interviewer to consider you for the second round of interview.

9How good is your computer knowledge?

I hold decent knowledge about computer as I have done diploma in computers (Say this if you have done the diploma otherwise say you possess basic knowledge about computer). You can test my skills anytime by giving me a practical test

10Do you think you can resolve customers’ queries over phone?

If you are a fresher, say handling customer over phone is a challenging task but I would apply my best knowledge to handle him. If you have already handled calling profile before, be prepared for a mock call with some challenging situation.

11Why do you want to join this company?

One of the best ways to answer the question is appreciate the company and highlight its strengths. The company XYZ offers end-to-end services to clients, enjoys good reputation in the job market, employees enjoy friendly and growth oriented environment here, it works on the principle of employee welfare, etc.

12Where do you see yourself after 5 years in this organization?

I can see myself at a middle management position acting as an asset for the organization and contributing significantly in increasing business of the company. However, there is no perfect answer for this question, saying this may land you with job offer.

13How will you contribute in the success of the company?

I believe productivity of every employee contributes towards the success of the company. I will give my 100 percent in completing assigned task with dedication and simultaneously look for new businesses for the company’s growth.

14What is your salary expectation?

I am expecting salary as per company policy or expecting a hike over my present salary as per industry standards.

You need not to mug up these answers; just take a fair idea from them and modify it if required. It may possible that interviewer ask such questions which compel you to think deeply or analytically before speaking. So, prepare yourself well.


  1. your question is very good and i have learn your question and i faced the interview thank you so much sir and sir i want no about international bpo question & answer so please help me

    • Dear Ankur,

      I am glad that you liked the post. The questions will remain same for International BPO’s as well.


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