Advantages of working in BPO industry – In last few years, Business Process Outsourcing gained popularity by its abbreviation as BPO and established itself as a firm base in human resources and technology letting the corporate companies focus solely on their core intentions. By taking care of the interaction part, these companies have led to improvement in productivity on a large scale. Freshers Recruitment has also exponentially shot up with more and more companies opting to outsource their processes. A time came there when this field was for people who were in between jobs or were not qualified enough for other jobs. But today, the scenario has changed completely. Employees are building long-term careers here as this industry has advantages that not many others can match.

Late night shifts and lack of proper sleep are not what BPOs are, you just hear it from someone who complains about their BPO job and immediately brand it. That is not the definition of a call center. There is so much unknown to most people who disregard these jobs. In fact, these are one of the best career options available today. Here is why you should opt for business process outsourcing industry in India.

1. The Edge India has

  • India with its increasing professionals who can speak good English and learn various accents. The Indian continent is turning out to the hub for call center jobs
  • Low cost of labor has made many MNCs to outsource their businesses to India
  • Our unique geographical location is a bonus, creating a way for more companies to outsource here
  • A lot of opportunities for working as a part of MNC’s open up

2.The Invaluable Exposure Factor

  • You get to work for companies that are renowned at a global level, and the quality of exposure is unmatched
  • The situations you face every day will mold you into a better person, both personally and professionally
  • Opportunity to work in an international environment
  • The skills you learn here like communication, management, decision making, process orientation, are very useful even if you decide to switch careers.
  • Many overseas job opportunities will be made available.

3.The Fat Pay Package

  • BPO jobs mean high salary with lots of increment
  • The work is quite enjoyable and the pay is higher than most traditional jobs
  • Even the initial salaries are quite high
  • With time and experience, your salary keeps shooting up and so does your value in the field.
“What i like about Industry is the Exchange programmes conducted where I can get to know about cities in the nook and corners of the world and their cultures and meet international professionals” – Tripti (BPO Professional)

4.Enjoyable Work Atmosphere

  • A chance to meet a lot of people with diverse talents and interests
  • The teamwork principle makes working a pleasant experience
  • Parties and fun activities are regularly organized to help you distress and recharge
  • Exchange programmed conducted where you can get to know about cities in the nook and corners of the world and their cultures and meet international professionals
  • Gym, Cafe, and recreational facilities are available 24/7
  • You also get to use the free Wi-Fi when you are not working

5.Fun Training Programs

  • The in-house training programmes are enjoyable experiences
  • BPO’s are designed to bring out the best in you, they sculpt your personality too
  • These sessions bring employees together and aid in creating lasting friendships
  • Adventure programmes are designed to awaken leadership, decision making, and problem management skills in you
  • These will help you decide to change careers

6.The Benefit Bonanza

  • Most companies provide free medical insurance to their employees
  • Some, even extend these to the family of their employees
  • No need to worry about the transportation because the management makes sure you have no trouble with that by providing cabs
  • These cabs are fitted with GPS services to ensure maximum safety and protection
  • Rewards and recognition schemes are also introduced to increase motivation
  • You get to enjoy fast-track careers with responsibilities being assigned with minimal years of experience

7.The Qualification Factor

  • Your resume for BPO jobs should talk good command of the English language and an ability to talk yourself out of sticky situations. Yes, that’s almost all that required.
  • Most BPOs nowadays prefer their employees to have an education equal to a bachelor’s degree but some even employ those with a 10 +2 qualification.
  • If you opt for something that specializes in a particular field like medicine or agriculture, education in that would be quite helpful.
  • A little computer knowledge would be nice but that’s about it. There will be no need for any technical qualification in particular.

Contrary to popular misconceptions, BPO jobs for freshers are in high demand. Most youngsters love it here and are busy job-hopping to lucrative offers and thus simultaneously increasing their value in the market. The world has shrunk to a global village and with a lot of BPOs popping up career growth opportunities have increased at national and international levels. There are also provisions being made for call center employees to work from home now. Talk to someone who has a well-established career here and undoubtedly they will tell you that there can be no better field that is as enjoyable and beneficial as this one.

There are always two sides to a coin. All these advantages come with a slightly bitter taste of disadvantages. But the good news is that all these upsides completely overshadow the drawbacks. You can find thousands of happy individuals well satisfied with their call center jobs in Gurgaon, Delhi, Noida and other major call center cores.

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